Structurally Sound Masonry is vital for Good Chimney Health

That’s why we are so good at it!  

On the other hand, many of our ecstatic clients find that our artisan level skills are equally amazing on the ground, so we help them with custom brick and stone projects around their homes and commercial properties.

Here is a small sampling of what we can do:

Brick Patio

Be Sure to ASK US how you can 

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Brick and Stone Retaining Walls

Brick Pathway

Outdoor Firepit

Brick Pillar

Cultured Stone and Brick Planters, Walls, Walks, Stairs

Brick Walk and Stairs

Brick and Cultured Stone Retaining Wall

What else we can do:

Pressure Washing

Air duct cleaning

Brick Mailboxes

Masonry Waterproofing


I’m sure we’ve forgotten something, but not much!!


Give us a call at 206-539-1450 to have us build your next masterful masonry project!