Chimney Inspection before the Chimney Sweep

The first thing you need to know about a Chimcare Chimney Cleaning service, is that you get more than just an ordinary ol’ chimney sweeping!   Since 1989, we at Chimcare have made it our mission to take care of each chimney as if it was our own, and that means starting with a comprehensive visual and physical inspection to make sure that it even needs a sweep.   How cool is that?  

During the inspection, we confirm that your heating system and all its components are in proper working order so that you and your family can enjoy stress-free, relaxing moments, snuggling by your warm and glowing Seattle hearth.

Once the inspection is complete, we will present you with our findings – things to clean or repair immediately… or things that can wait.  Our job is to partner with you to keep you SAFE and your fireplace burning EFFICIENTLY.   

chimney cleaning

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Chimney Cleaning


If you need a simple sweep, we can immediately clear out the crusty, dangerous, highly-combustible creosote and soot, plus gently evict any unintended critters (winged or otherwise) who may have taken up residence within your stack.   As an added bonus, we promise to leave your home and yard as good – or in better condition – than when we arrived!

To find out if your chimney is in peak condition…  (ya’ see what I did there?)

Give us a call at 206-539-1450, or use the INSTANT QUOTE form.

Seattle expert chimney cleaning
Seattle Chimney Repair

Chimney Repair


We do more than just chimney cleaning, so if you need repairs, we are your chimney experts!   We perform the following services:

  • Tuck-pointing
  • Crown repair
  • Flashing
  • Water sealing
  • Installation of flue tiles
  • Interior damage repairs
  • Damper adjustments, repairs
  • Flue Damper
  • Loose bricks and mortar
  • Tear down and rebuild
  • Damaged masonry
  • Really – pretty much anything you can think of…

AND…if you need MORE masonry ideas, see our breathtaking portfolio of brick and stone projects.   Help us to keep our guys hoppin’ during the warmer months!

Chimney Liner


Simply put, the liner serves three main functions:

  1. To protect the inside of your chimney from the corrosive carbon by-products of fires,
  2. To prevent chimney fire heat transfer to the rest of your home, and
  3. To maximize the efficiency and safety of your burning unit.


Additionally, if you already have a chimney liner – we verify it is in good condition.

So if you need a new or replacement chimney liner (which apparently is now the LAW in most instances)… Good News…  We can install one for you!

Chimney Liner
Copper Chimney Cap

Chimney Caps

At Chimcare, we provide only the highest quality caps (stainless steel and other durable materials) because it is never fun to have to replace rooftop metal components after only a year or two of use!    The chimney cap’s main function is to protect your chimney and home from the elements like earth, wind and fire, as well as keep birds, bats, squirrels and insects from nesting.

And if we don’t have in stock exactly what your home’s crowning glory deserves, then we are happy to manufacture a custom chimney cap for you.   Check out some of these masterpieces…

Seattle WA Custom Copper Chimney Caps
Custom Black Chimney Cap - Bellevue WA
Custom Cap - Bellevue WA
Directional Seattle Chimney Caps

Chimney Flue Damper


FYI –  the difference between a “throat damper” and a “rooftop damper” is that the throat style damper controls the airflow near the base of the stack, near your firebox.  This style is normally found in older stove designs and can become stuck or rusted.  

However, if your throat damper is no longer repairable or desirable, then a rooftop damper is your best option.  It, too, has the ability to close and open as needed, but it rests atop your chimney.  It also doubles as your chimney cap.  Ta da!
…and now you know the rest of the story…

Flue Damper - Seattle Washington